Bigger Pockets Podcast #82

On the Bigger Pockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with David Krulac, a real estate
renaissance man who has experience in nearly every aspect of the industry, being involved in
over 800 deals in his career. In today’s show we cover everything from prospecting tenants, how
to buy at auctions, sub-dividing land, tax deeds, and much, much more! Listen


Flip Nerd Podcast #097

So many in real estate fail because they never get started. In this interview, meet with David
Krulac… who started out nearly broke, and has gone on to do over 800 deals and made over $12
million. Great interview, check it out


Interview with Vena Jones Cox on Public Radio May 14, 2014

David Krulac speaks about being a new real estate investor and takes questions from callers live
on this radio show.


Investor Zone Radio

Join us as we talk with our special guest David Krulac! Mr. Krulac is a real estate agent, but
more so, he’s a real estate investor, and an author as welL I highly recommend that you purchase
and read his book entitled “How I Started With Nothing And Made $12 Million In Real
Estate Part Time Ami The Real Estate Lessons I Learned.”

This promises to be an enlightening episode that should help those of you who are “on the fence”
make up your mind about real estate investing one way or another! It might also be the
springboard for a secure retirement. This episode might very well be the instrument that helps
change your financial future for the better – A GREAT way to go into 2014!!